Powerpoint Project Dashboard with Status Template

This Powerpoint Project Dashboard with Status Template is easy to edit. Download it now! The dials & status graphics are simple to change.

What it does:

Using graphics, dials and well thought out formats this allows you to easily show project status to stakeholders, wider teams or bored loved-ones.

It has:

  1. A dashboard template
  2. RAG status (Red, Amber, Green)
  3. Highlight report
  4. RAID update (Reliability, Availability, Performance and Capacity)
  5. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats)

Controlling the dials

Please note that the dials do not not update automatically from a spreadsheet, but need to be moved using the cursor (by hand). We have tried dynamic dials driven by data, but it takes longer for you to change than simply moving the dial by hand!

We like this document a lot, but if you do have a little more budget we would personally go for this one. It’s bigger and better and has more stuff in it like graphs.

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10 reviews for Powerpoint Project Dashboard with Status Template

  1. Paul

    The slides chosen provide an excellent visual display of information and have greatly simplified a complex message.  I highly recommend the slides for organising data and giving impact to message delivery.

  2. Maitai

    Utilizing templates makes my job much easier as a Project Manager. I like simplicity and do not want to spend a lot of time creating documentation.
    After purchasing a template from Business Documents UK, I was so surprised at how easy it was to update and modify….Also, my superiors were impressed….I am a customer for life!! It was totally worth the money!
  3. Sri N

    wow this saves you a ton of time. Stop wasting time trying to do what you can easily buy from these guys.

  4. Amy

    That worked great!  Thank you for the wonderful customer support.  The template will make my presentation jump out!

  5. Wendy

    The Business Documents UK “Status” templates have saved me time and money, and they look wonderful. The Executives at the meeting were really impressed. Thanks!

    I am about to use the “Agile Lessons Learned” template for a retrospective.

    Liking the discount bundles.

    Thank you so much!

  6. Stephen

    Stephen purchased a Roadmap format from us, and then needed an additional Powerpoint format.

    We helped Stephen find what he needed.

    Thank you for the outstanding customer service and attention!

  7. Russ

    I bought a few individual documents to start with, and quickly realized that I could make a saving with the discount bundles.

    These templates are really useful especially when you are short on time and have important meetings.

    Really helpful thanks!

  8. CJ Robinson

    When asked about what he thought of our templates, he said

    I love them

    CJ Robinson was first a customer in 2012.

  9. Alexandre

    Definitely 5 stars, especially the service.

  10. Rachelle

    I’ve bought several of the Discount Bundles, and am enjoying the variety of templates – especially the time savings.  What an impact they’re having when I use them. Great value and a real pleasure. Thanks!

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