Powerpoint Timeline Template

Featuring 15 Powerpoint Timeline Template Presentation slide formats: Roadmaps, Timelines, Infographics, Project Plans, with 3, 4 and 5 Workstreams to show your project plans and timings.

It is Easy to Use!

This Microsoft Office powerpoint timeline template is easy to update. All elements use normal Powerpoint features so that you can customize your timeline quickly.

The template is also suitable to create a timeline in Google Slides. The text boxes and shapes are simple to move around and the graphics are editable.

The Powerpoint Timeline Template includes

  1. First, these standard features make impact!
    1. Legend to show risk level.
    2. Timeline to present when everything is happening.
    3. Workstreams to organise the plans.
    4. Activities to show each item in the workstream.
    5. Professional graphic quality that is easy to edit.
  2. Second, these variations allow you to show different size projects.
    1. Three swim lane timeline format.
    2. Four swim lane timeline format.
    3. Five swim lane timeline format.

Present your plans and make an impact

This graphical PowerPoint diagram makes the perfect format for communicating plans quickly.

Why do Professionals like this template?

Professionals like this template because it is clear and uncluttered; it tells the story of the project timeline in a very focused way.

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  1. Drew

    These templates rock. I have a status report due Monday and I am thrilled that I came across your web site.

  2. Sri N

    wow this saves you a ton of time. Stop wasting time trying to do what you can easily buy from these guys.

  3. Rachelle

    I’ve bought several of the Discount Bundles, and am enjoying the variety of templates – especially the time savings.  What an impact they’re having when I use them. Great value and a real pleasure. Thanks!

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