Problem Statement Template to Support an Innovation Proposal

Use this Problem Statement Template to communicate your issue in 3-steps. The guidance and notes are focussed on making the case for an innovation project.

Your Scenario:

  1. Your organisation is having troubles.
  2. You have a brilliant proposal: form an Innovation Project to solve this problem.
  3. The Problem and your Proposal need communicating.

How do I ensure that everyone understands the problem, and my suggested solution?

It’s easy:

Use this Problem Statement Template:

  • Easy-to-edit Powerpoint Slides.
  • Instructions to help you meet your requirements.
  • This template is focussed on supporting a Proposal for an Innovation Unit.

The Problem Statement follows a well-tested format of 3 parts:-

1. The Vision“This is how things should be.”

The Problem Statement Template - how things should be!
The Problem Statement Template – showing how things should be to set the context

2. The Problem“This is what is going wrong.”

The Problem Statement Template
The Problem Statement Template – CLEARLY state The Problem

3. The Remedy“This is what we need to do.” – Your Proposal.

The Remedy - Problem Statement Template
Problem Statement Template – Map out the suggested solution – the REMEDY

There is also a fourth section which rams-home the expected benefits of starting an innovation project.

4. The Expected Benefits“This is what will happen.” – Sell your proposal’s benefits.

This extra 4th section is especially suited to supporting an Innovation Proposal. Be sure to emphasise the benefits of an innovation unit.

Template Contents:

Also includes guidance and instructions to help you with your Problem Statement
Also includes guidance and instructions to help you with your Problem Statement
  1. Cover Slide.
  2. Explaining the purpose: Problem Statement Template to support an Innovation Proposal.
  3. Explaining that it can be used for other types of Problem Statement.
  4. Section: Example.
    1. The Vision.
    2. The Problem.
    3. The Remedy.
    4. The Benefits.
  5. Step 1 – The Vision Statement.
    1. Guide – intro slide.
    2. Example Vision Slide – Format 1.
    3. Example Vision Slide – Format 2.
  6. Step 2 – The Problem.
    1. Guide – intro slide.
    2. Example Problem Slide – Format 1.
    3. Example Problem Slide – Format 2.
  7. Step 3 – Your Course of Action – The Remedy.
    1. Guide – intro slide.
    2. Guide – if you want more detail, some help.
    3. The Remedy – slide with instructions.
  8. Step 4 – Expected Benefits.
    1. Guide – intro slide.
    2. The Expected Benefits.

Further Reading about Problem Statements:

  1. We have a popular blog post from 2012 about writing Problem Statements here.
  2. A simple article from MIT about problem statements and clear English here.

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