Project Retrospective & Lessons Learned “How To” Guide (Powerpoint)

The Project Retrospective & Lessons Learned template provides a simple how to guide to run a positive and productive Project Retro session.

Template Features

  1. This template will help you organise and run a Project Retrospective & Lessons Learned session
  2. It outlines the steps to run a session for 5 to 25 participants
  3. It provides the framework for you to put your content in
  4. It can be used quite quickly – you only need to change about 10 entries, and delete any unwanted parts
  5. All slides include instructions for the facilitator
  6. Slides include time guidance notes for the facilitator
  7. Resources required to run the session are outlined in the notes

Slides in the Retrospective & Lessons Learned Template

  1. Cover Slide – substitute with your project title
  2. Agenda – you must set out a simple, structured session
  3. Ground Rules – some suggested rules to get everyone in the right frame of mind
  4. Further Ground Rules – a few optional rules if you anticipate any tension
  5. Project Context – just to set out a few key elements of the project
  6. Insights – generate “Mad, Sad and Glad” insights from the project
  7. Group & Theme – group the insights to start clarifying
  8. The Four Key Questions – this helps to be sure you have covered everything
  9. Lessons Learned & Actions – work the Insights and answers to 4 key questions into Lessons & Actions
  10. Thanks

In order to use this template to its best, the facilitator should have some facilitation experience.

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  1. Wendy

    The Business Documents UK “Status” templates have saved me time and money, and they look wonderful. The Executives at the meeting were really impressed. Thanks!

    I am about to use the “Agile Lessons Learned” template for a retrospective.

    Liking the discount bundles.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Amelia

    I purchased the Agile Template Bundle, and used 2 of the templates for documents I needed in a meeting the very next day.

    My manager was so impressed – she wanted the templates herself!

    Thanks so much – I will be back for more.

  3. Russ

    I bought a few individual documents to start with, and quickly realized that I could make a saving with the discount bundles.

    These templates are really useful especially when you are short on time and have important meetings.

    Really helpful thanks!

  4. Ray

    Thank you again for your templates, they really do help me visualize some very complicated ideas and get buy-in much more quickly.

    You have a great product.

  5. Pat

    I use Business-Docs Agile bundle templates, to enable the visualisation of resource assignments and project progress.

    I find these of high value to communicate “one-a-page” progress to busy Executives.

    I give Business-Docs five-stars for product quality and support.

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