Simple Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

This Simple Product Roadmap Template makes three of our most popular modern format Powerpoint slides available for a discount price.

All slides are in Powerpoint, and use normal editable Powerpoint objects.

Simple Product Roadmap Slides.

  1. Modern Product Roadmap Format.
    1. Timeline showing 15 months.
    2. Marketing product workstream.
    3. Development product workstream.
    4. KPI workstream.
    5. Status area – to show RAG status (Red, Amber, Green) plus a description.
  2. SWOT template.
    1. Our classic SWOT matrix, showing a summary area for each main point.
    2. Strengths.
    3. Weaknesses.
    4. Opportunities.
    5. Threats.
    6. Organised by External vs Internal, and Helpful vs Harmful.
  3. RAID template.
    1. Our classic RAID matrix to show RAID status (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies).
    2. Optimised for “at a glance” understanding for stakeholders.
  4. Plus a simple title slide to frame your powerpoint presentation.

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2 reviews for Simple Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

  1. Paul

    The slides chosen provide an excellent visual display of information and have greatly simplified a complex message.  I highly recommend the slides for organising data and giving impact to message delivery.

  2. Alan

    Alan was first a customer in 2015.

    He got back in touch in 2018 to acquire some updates.

    We helped Alan out getting the right templates. His testimonial:

    I can now complete my task using your excellent templates.

    by Alan, NHS, UK.

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