Strategy On One Page – Powerpoint Template

Do you need to present your strategy on one page? Do you need to communicate it 5 minutes? This template includes five one-page strategy formats. It helps you focus the message and deliver your strategy story.

  • This template provides you with 5 approaches to creating your Strategy On One Page.
  • Get help from the guidance and examples, and use the ready-made layouts.

Five Approaches for “Strategy on One Page”

  1. Why, What, Who, How: The four questions to clarify your strategy.
  2. Diagnosis, Policy, Action: The good strategy/bad strategy pattern.
  3. Lean Canvas: The lightweight way to describe your full strategy.
  4. Goal Driven: Launch your strategy with inspiration using a BHAG.
  5. Problem Statement & Three Pillars: Recover, and come back with a fighting strategy.

The “Four Questions” format Cheat Sheet

Strategy on One Page – in use!

Strategy on One Page template

Template Contents

Strategy on One Page - Powerpoint Template Slide Contents
Strategy on One Page – Powerpoint Template Slide Contents


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