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Digital Products that are a checklist format so that you can quickly benefit from professionals who have run the process before.

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PESTELE Cheat Sheet and Guide 2024

PESTELE Analysis PPT Template 2024 - with Ethical Factors

Do you want to conduct a PESTELE analysis for your business or project? Our PESTELE Analysis PPT Template 2024 is an ideal cheat sheet to support PESTELE workshops and product planning, with a special emphasis on Ethical factors.

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PESTEL Cheat Sheet 2024 PPT Template

Don't struggle with PESTEL analysis! Save your time and research by using our PESTEL Cheat Sheet 2024 PPT Template. Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, this template provides a comprehensive list of factors to inform your organisation or venture strategy.

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A preview of the 2024 PESTLE Cheat Sheet

PESTLE Cheat Sheet 2024

Our PESTLE Cheat Sheet 2024 has been used by 1000s of consultants to support PESTLE workshops and product planning. Newly updated for 2024.

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Hackathon Checklist

Hackathon Task Checklist and Status Dashboard (Excel)

Keep track of your Hackathon Event tasks: This Hackathon Task Checklist is based on years of experience, and makes event rollout simple.
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