PESTLE Cheat Sheet

Our PESTLE Cheat Sheet has been used in 100s of countries to support PESTLE workshops and market planning. It includes updated factors relevant to 2020 and 2021

Our 2020 cheat sheet has all the main areas required to assist you in a PESTLE workshop in 2021.

This 2019 cheat sheet shows the factor areas that were most relevant in 2019.
This 2020 cheat sheet has some updated areas related to the pandemic.
PESTLE Cheat Sheet for 2021
PESTLE Cheat Sheet for 2021 – including pandemic factors
PESTLE Cheat Sheet for 2021 – including pandemic factors
What is a PESTLE cheat sheet?

A PESTLE cheat sheet helps you and your team remember which areas to consider when identifying your external factors during business planning and opportunity assessment.

How do I use a PESTLE cheat sheet?

You can use a cheat sheet to trigger insights and prompt new avenues of thought during a PESTLE workshop.

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