Product Value Prop Canvas Powerpoint Template – Both Versions with Step by Step Guidance

The Product Value Prop Canvas Powerpoint + Step by Step Guidance is a great tool to help you create your value prop canvas.

Do you want to create a value prop canvas?

This Product Value Prop Canvas PPT provides guidance so that you can complete either of the two popular Value Prop Canvas approaches. Get help with each area with step-by-step instructions. Differentiate between Product Offering and User Needs. Target your ideal customer, and solve their problems.

This PPT has Guidance, not just the PPT Template Slides!

We provide guidance so that your team can get the most for your Value Proposition, for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

Use this step by step guide to help your team

  1. Understand the Value Prop format, so that it has maximum impact on your team.
  2. Follow the workshop guide to bring the team along at each stage.
  3. Use tips from our professionals to help you complete the canvas.
  4. Avoid the common traps when creating the Value Prop with your team.
  5. Prioritize the outputs of your workshop.
  6. Create your Value Prop Canvas using the Powerpoint slide.
  7. Review your outputs using the step-by-step guidance.


Value Prop Canvas PowerPoint with step-by-step guidance
Value Prop Canvas PowerPoint with step-by-step guidance

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