Transition Plan Powerpoint

Transition Plan (Powerpoint) - template to present your Transition

This Transition Plan Powerpoint template is the perfect way to show your plans and important business milestones. Show worksteams, milestones, risk levels & more.

This template is based on our successful MS Visio Transition Template (not Powerpoint) that has been used globally since 2009.

Transition Plan Powerpoint Features

  1. Timeline with milestones.
  2. Event markers in each workstream.
  3. Management workstream to show coordination activities in the transition project.
  4. Communications Workstream that shows announcements and comms.
  5. HR Workstream to cover staff development and comms.
  6. Relocation Workstream so that you can handle the moves.
  7. Products Workstream  to show your main products and services. e.g. Mobile and Telecoms.

Use normal Powerpoint features to customize the template!

This template is quick to adjust to your own project. It uses normal Powerpoint editing features so that you do not have to use complex embedded data. Just edit the shapes in place!

Transition Plan Formats – Two Slide Templates

  1. As seen above: The Transition Status format.
  2. Pictured below: With RAG Status Risk levels legend.
Transition Plan Powerpoint, with RAG Status Risk Level Legend

Transition Plan Powerpoint, with RAG Status Risk Level Legend

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