Product Resource Delivery Plan Template (Visio)

Show your teams, workstream plans, job roles & names, alongside your projects & timeline. This Product Resource Delivery Plan shows the whole picture.

How can I show my Agile Teams, Resources, Workstreams, Themes, Plans and Milestones all on 1 sheet of paper?

Our consultants have put together this templates to achieve exactly that!

Show your Product Resource Delivery Plans all on 1 side of paper!

Teams area showing names and disciplines of resources on the Product Resource & Delivery Plan
The Teams area on the Product Resource & Delivery Plan show names and disciplines for each person
The Timeline shows dates, and key milestones in your Product Resource Delivery Plan
The Timeline shows dates, and key milestones in your Product Resource Delivery Plan

Product Resource Delivery Plan Features:

This template requires Microsoft Visio software.
(We also have a Powerpoint Resource Plan – see here)

  1. “Resource” Person icons.
    1. These are editable via the Visio “Shape Data” dialog.
  2. Resource Plan Legend.
    1. Product Manager.
    2. Project Manager.
    3. Subject Expert.
    4. TA (technical architect).
    5. Web Dev (web developer).
    6. BA (business analyst).
    7. QA (quality assurance [tester]).
    8. Software Eng (software engineer).
  3. Activity status Legend.
    1. TBC.
    2. Signed-off.
    3. At Risk.
    4. ISSUE.
  4. Timeline.
    1. featuring draggable milestones.
    2. showing quarterly divisions.
    3. the dates formats and division intervals can be changed.
  5. One “Leader” area, showing management resources.
  6. Three workstream areas, each with.
    1. Resource allocation per workstream.
    2. Activity bars (colour coded for status).


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