Visio Roadmap Templates – Shape Fixing and Timeline Repairs

Fixing Visio Roadmap Template Timeline Issues

Microsoft upgrades Visio, and everyone’s templates break! We have been cleaning up our Visio Roadmap Templates: repairing timelines for 2016!

We have been busy with Spring Cleaning! The Visio Roadmap Templates needed a good dusting off.

My timeline keeps breaking… please HELP ME!

Some of our customers using Visio 2010+ were seeing compatibility issues. Well, we have fixed them!

What breaks in Visio Roadmap Templates?

These are some of the symptoms that customers have reported

  1. The text within shapes is not editable.
  2. The timeline breaks when the dates are changed.
  3. The timeline format goes STRANGE when the dates are changed.
  4. The timeline COMPLETELY BREAKS when the intervals are changed.

(And we have fixed them!)

Why? What caused these issues?

  1. People ask Microsoft for new features.
  2. New features get introduced.
  3. The new features break existing implementations.

Some of our Visio formats have been popular for 10 years. So it is not surprising they need updating!

Visio Templates that have been fixed and upgraded.


Contact us.

Contact us if you have any troubles with our Visio Roadmaps.


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