RAID Log Excel Template

Excel RAID Log & Dashboard Template

This RAID Log Excel Template helps you track detailed Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies and presents them on a summary Dashboard for easy understanding. Great for Board Reports and Status Reports.

Excel RAID Log and Dashboard Template features:

  1. Track and manage your RAID items:
    1. Risk – A possible future issue – i.e. something that may go wrong.
    2. Assumption – Something you have assumed but needs checking and locking down.
    3. Issue – Something that is going wrong.
    4. Dependency – Something that must be delivered to enable your delivery.
  2. The RAID Log Dashboard for Board level Reporting:
    1. Total count of Risks, Assumptions, Issues & Dependencies.
    2. Total RAID items at each level of severity for each RAID type.
    3. With the Risks, how many are improving or deteriorating.
    4. A “% Complete” for each RAID area.
  3. RISKS Sheet:
    1. Title, Description, Effect, Risk Impact, Risk Likelihood, Risk Score, Risk Level, Status, Contingency, Updated, Trend, Planned Actions, Owner.
    2. A % Mitigated for the list of risks.
  4. ASSUMPTIONS (and Constraints) Worksheet:
    1. Title, Description, Implication, Assumption or Constraint, Recorded by, Stakeholders involved, Criticality, Status, Updated, Planned Actions, Owner.
    2. A “% Upheld” for the list of Assumptions.
  5. ISSUES Worksheet:
    1. Title, Description, Impact Description, Controls, Issue Score, Status, Updated, Planned Actions, Owner, Updates.
    2. A “% Closed” for the list of Issues.
  6. DEPENDENCIES Worksheet:
    1. Title, Description, Inbound / Outbound, Delivering Team, Delivering Owner, Priority, Status, Updated, Critical Date, Planned Actions.
    2. A “% Committed” for the list of Dependencies.
    1. Includes Unique Value Risk Heat map Score.
    2. This is a unique “score” value, depending on the combination of Impact and Likelihood.
    3. Colour-coded depending on severity.
    4. Summarised in “Risk Level”.

Some views of the RAID Log Template:

Excel RAID Log & Dashboard Template Dashboard (Colour Version)
RAID Log Dashboard (Colour Version) – this shows the summary status of your RAID items.
RISK SHEET - Excel RAID log & Dashboard Template
Risk Work Sheet – list your risks, with severity, notes and owner.
ASSUMPTIONS SHEET - Excel RAID log & Dashboard Template
Assumptions Work Sheet – what assumptions are you relying on?
ISSUES SHEET - Excel RAID log & Dashboard Template
Issues Work Sheet – what risk elements of the project are actually in an “issue” state?
DEPENDENCIES SHEET - Excel RAID log & Dashboard Template
Dependencies Work Sheet – what external factors and inputs does your project rely on?

Risk Matrix:

The risks are given an automatic severity scoring colour using a combination of the Impact and Likelihood scores. This is a standard approach in project management and risk reporting.

Risk Matrix used in the RAID Log
Risk Matrix used to score impact and likelihood.

This Excel Template also comes with a help worksheet so that you can get help whilst filling out your log.

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