Market Analysis Presentation

A powerpoint market analysis presentation template covering PEST and Porters 5 Forces to give a wider market overview and then an internal analysis to show actual buying power

When undertaking a review of suppliers or general business arrangements a good look at the wider market conditions is always a sound idea; how to present that analysis is not always straight forward though.

As useful as it is to assess the market conditions in which you and your company operate, it can be the case that you have a unique set of circumstances, both positive and negative, which will play out in any assessment or negotiation.

The Market Analysis presentation provides both a wider market view as well as local analysis on your actual company to give a rounded view of what your situation and buying power strength is likely to be.

What does it do?

  1. Combines Porters Five Forces and PEST analysis onto a single page to give a good visual overview of the market
  2. Drills down into an internal analysis of factors which are unique to your company when dealing with suppliers, covering;
    • Financials such as spend and payment terms
    • Operational process
    • External pressures on the supplier
    • Relationship factors
    • Issues relating to existing suppliers
  3. Provides a summary sheet of conditions plus actions required
  4. Includes guidance sheets on completing internal analysis

Porters and PEST on one slide with RAG status

Porters and PEST on one slide with RAG status

Internal Analysis of your buying power

Internal Analysis of your organisation's buying power

Summary Page

Market Analysis Presentation Summary Slide

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