Resource Plan with Workstream Resource Changes Template

Show the changes in resource levels for each of your projects or workstreams over time. Highlight costs, project timings, resource changes, risk levels, AND your milestones, in one easily digestible diagram.

Show how your project resources change over time. Clearly show fluctuations in resourcing levels, and add comments to explain.

Template Features

  1. Timeline.
    1. Editable with normal Powerpoint table editing tools.
    2. Can show weeks, months or quarters as required.
    3. Manually editable
  2. Milestones.
    1. Emphasise key moments in your project.
    2. The milestones use normal Powerpoint editing tools.
  3. Legend.
    1. Show’s status and risk level per project unit / phase.
  4. Workstream or Per Team Resources.
    1. How many staff of each job title.
  5. Workstream or Per Team Costs.
    1. Workstream costs.
    2. Notes.
    3. One summary box (top left).
  6. Resource Level Changes in situ.
    1. Each workstream can show where the resource levels change.
  7. Phase Status, and Risk.
    1. For each project unit, the status can be shown.
    2. This matches the Legend key (top right).

Ideal for Change Projects, Launches, Transitions and Roll-outs

  1. Highlight your resource changes.
  2. Show where one team is getting more resource.
  3. Show where a team is losing resource.
  4. Show where a team’s resourcing starts.
  5. Show where a team’s resourcing ends.

Classic Design

Classic Phased Agile Resource Roadmap design from 2008
Classic Phased Agile Resource Roadmap design from 2008 – with four workstreams

Details in each Workstream

Each workstream in the Resource Plan shows planning details
Cost, staffing and notes: Each workstream in the Resource Plan shows planning details

Also available in Microsoft Visio format

This phased resource planning template can also be found here in Visio format.


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