How much does a Hackathon Event cost?

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We are planning to hold a Hackathon event. How much does it cost?

How much does a Hackathon Event cost?

The cost will depend on the resources you have at your disposal, the number of participants, and your Hackathon goals. You can run small-scale events for free, if you have all the required resources. If you need to rent a venue or require catering or marketing, then you will need a budget.

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These questions will have cost implications that drastically affect your budget:-

  1. Does your organisation have a suitable venue at which to hold the Hackathon?
  2. Do you have support staff to manage the event?
  3. How many participants are you planning to host?
  4. Are you paying for participant travel and/or accommodation?
  5. What kind of prizes do you want to provide?
  6. How long is the event? (2 days, 3 days, 5 days?)
  7. Are you running an overnight Hacking provision?

Standard Hackathon Budget Line Items:

Hackathon Support Team

  1. Planning resource
  2. Support staff
  3. PR for Participant Sign-up
  4. Design
  5. Marketing and PR


  1. Venue Hire
  2. Venue Furniture
  3. Hackathon Power Supply
  4. Hackathon WIFI Supply
  5. Venue Security
  6. Venue Cleaning


  1. Audio and Visual Supplier
  2. User Testing Supplier
  3. Misc Stage Equipment Supplier


  1. Stationery Supplies
  2. SWAG (T-Shirts, Stationery, etc – there is a good list of SWAG ideas here)
  3. Prizes.

Branding & PR

  1. Brand identity
  2. Event website
  3. Admin hours helping with local promotion
  4. Paid Advertising

Catering (Food and Drink) for a 2-day Hackathon

Day 1

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. Afternoon Snack

Day 2

  1. breakfast
  2. lunch
  3. End of event drinks & snacks

All Day: Beverages

  1. Hot Drinks
  2. Soft Drinks

AV Coverage for Promotion

  1. Video Camera Person
  2. Stills Photographer


  1. Attendee travel reimbursement
  2. Transport & Travel for Event Support

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How much does a Hackathon Event cost?

We are planning to hold a Hackathon event. How much does it cost?

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