What is a good 2 Day Hackathon Event Schedule?

I am running a Hackathon event for 2 days. I am not sure how long to make each section. Can you help me?


In short, make the kickoff and speeches etc as short as possible, and the hacking time as long as possible. There is never enough hacking time at a Hackathon event, so don’t make your participants resent you!

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More detail

Here is an example Hackathon Event Schedule, for a 2 day Hackathon.

General Hack Event Design Guidance:

  1. Keep the intros short – 30 mins MAX.
  2. Thank everyone for making the time to participate.
  3. If you have sponsors, set them up with a demo stand at the side. DO NOT make your participants sit through long promotional powerpoint presentations.
  4. Provide all event information on posters on the wall, or ideally on a public website.

Example Hackathon Schedule for a 2 Day Hack:


09:30 AMRegistration opens – provide light breakfast for those who are hungry
10:00 AMWelcome! – quick hello, intro, wifi details, “toilets and fire exits”, health & safety, and *run through today’s schedule
10:10 AM“The Reason Why We are All Here” – plus overview of the challenge(s) by someone impressive (a celeb in your field, ideally)
10:20 AMLET THE HACKING BEGIN! – everyone gets started, and we refrain from interrupting them any further
(During the morning you may want to run “Tech Talks” from those who are bringing ideas to the event, and from your sponsors. MAKE THESE OPTIONAL – e.g. “Speaker’s Corner”. Do not force people to sit through them – they just want to get on and to HACK)
01:00 PMLunch is provided
03:00 PMAudience Feedback sessions – provide a service to test your participants’ prototypes with target audience
06:00 PMTeam progress report – quick “around the room” standup; each team shares a quick summary of what they are doing, and the MC asks them if there’s anything they need
07:00 PMThe Venue closes for the night
(you may want to select a pub/bar where participants can socialise, grab some food etc, if they want to)


08:00 AMRegistration – reopen for participants on Day Two
10:00 AMBook your Demo slot – Participants register their “hacks” and sign up for a pitching slot
11:00 AMHow to make your Pitch – Optional session to get help with Pitching techniques. The pitching slots are short, so they need to prepare, and be told “this is your only chance to influence the judges”
01:00 PMLunch is provided
01:45 PMHacking Ends – get people off their tables, and into the seating for the demos at 14:00
02:00 PMPITCH SESSIONS – all teams will have 2-3 mins (plus Q&A) to present their hacks to the judging panel and other teams
(We invite press and key people from participating organisations to attend the pitch sessions. Be sure to manage numbers here)
04:00 PMThe judges retire – drinks are provided for the participants
04:30 PMPrizegiving & quick “Thank You” speech
05:00 PMClose – you may want to select a pub/bar where participants can socialise, grab some food etc, if they want to

Short on time?

try one of these templates:

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