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SWOT Analyse – Simple Idiots Guide: Templates, Examples & Help

The SWOT Action Plan Process

We can help you SWOT Analyse your project or your idea. Here are some simple templates and guides to help you with SWOT, with examples.

SWOT Matrix template: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
The SWOT Analyse Template Pack

SWOT is part of Management Jargon, but is pretty useful for fast assessment of lots of ideas.

What EXACTLY Does SWOT Analyse Mean?

S.W.O.T. stands for:

  1. Strengths – What things are GOOD?
  2. Weaknesses – …and what things are BAD?
  3. Opportunities – Does it open up areas which are GOOD?
  4. Threats – Are there things that MESS IT UP?

SWOT Cheat Sheet

Here are some prompts for your SWOT, so that you can make it complete:


  • Patents?
  • Strong brand name?
  • Good reputation among customers?
  • Many product lines?
  • Broad market coverage?
  • Manufacturing competence?
  • Good marketing skills?
  • Good materials management systems?
  • R&D skills and leadership?
  • Information system competencies
  • .. more available from our SWOT analysis template discount bundle


  • Obsolete, narrow product lines?
  • Rising manufacturing costs?
  • Decline in R&D innovations?
  • Poor marketing skills?
  • Old content management systems?
  • Poor reputation?
  • High cost structure?
  • Loss of customer good will?
  • Bad information systems?
  • Inadequate human resources?
  • Lack of access to distribution channels?
  • .. more available from our SWOT analysis template discount bundle


  • Expand core business(es)?
  • Exploit new market segments?
  • Arrival of new technologies?
  • Removal of international trade barriers?
  • Exploit unfulfilled customer need?
  • Widen new market segments?
  • Extend cost or differentiation advantage?
  • Diversify into new growth businesses?
  • … more available from our SWOT analysis template discount bundle


  • Attacks on your core business(es)?
  • Increases in domestic competition?
  • Shift in consumer tastes?
  • Emergence of substitute products?
  • New regulations?
  • Increased trade barriers?
  • Increases in foreign competition?
  • Change in consumer taste?
  • Fall in barriers to entry?
  • Rise in new or substitute products?
  • … more available in our SWOT analysis template discount bundle

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