STEEPLE Cheat Sheet 2024

Use this STEEPLE Cheat Sheet 2024 PowerPoint so that you can create your analysis rapidly. Ideal for virtual workshops too. Includes updated factors relevant to 2024.

A STEEPLE Analysis supports product planning, strategy and marketing by helping you identify and prioritise important external factors. Create your STEEPLE so that you avoid external threats, and make the most of external opportunities.

The STEEPLE analysis framework is very similar to PESTLE (see our PESTLE Cheat Sheet), with the addition of “E” for “Ethical” factors.

The STEEPLE Cheat Sheet Powerpoint includes

  1. Our 2020 cheat sheet based on STEEPLE factors in 2020.
  2. The updated 2021 cheat sheet that is updated for pandemic factors so that you get the right prompts.
  3. The top priority STEEPLE factors in 2024, with some additional explanation.
  4. A “Deep Dive” on Ethical factors for 2024, including “impact” and “action to take” for each.
  5. The full version of the STEEPLE Cheat Sheet for 2024.
  6. The STEEPLE Analysis Opportunities and Threats template to fill in with your prioritised factors.

STEEPLE stands for:

  • S: Social
  • T: Technological
  • E: Economic
  • E: Environmental
  • P: Political
  • L: Legal
  • E: Ethical

Easy-to-edit PowerPoint slides

STEEPLE Cheat Sheet for 2020
STEEPLE Cheat Sheet for 2020 – listing prompts for External Factors
The STEEPLE Analysis Cheat Sheet for 2022
The STEEPLE Analysis priority areas for 2024
Deep Dive on Ethical factors for the STEEPLE Analysis in 2024
The 2024 STEEPLE Cheat Sheet – full version
STEEPLE Opportunity and Threat template


Support for your virtual STEEPLE workshop

We have provided a detailed series of factors to explore so that you can build your analysis in a workshop setting. These PowerPoint slides are ideal for virtual STEEPLE workshops to help you create your STEEPLE analysis remotely.

How is STEEPLE different to PESTLE?

STEEPLE uses the same external factor areas as PESTLE, and has an additional “E” that stands for “Ethical”. This means you can explore your corporate ethics and your opportunities and threats.

What is STEEPLE used for?

STEEPLE is used as a framework to illuminate external factors. In each area you analyse threats and opportunities so that you can plan and reduce risk.

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