How do I prioritise my market PESTLE?

PESTLE Strategic Impact Map - part of the PESTLE Product Strategy Plan

Some examples of the top prompts in each area, as used by market professionals prioritising PESTLE.

How do I quickly make a market PESTLE?

1. Political: Look at the Government, Policy and Tax situations; what are businesses talking about?
2. Economic: Look at impacts on the company costs and profits for products and services, and estimate for both national and international.
3. Social: Look at cultural trends in the territory. These can make a significant difference.
4. Technological: Look at the R&D competitive landscape, and at new enabling technologies.
5. Legal: Check both external and internal factors here, including labour law, consumer law, operating standards, and safety standards.
6. Environmental: For the environment are you operating in, check climate concerns, geographic concerns,

PESTLE in more detail

More detail can be seen in this PESTLE Cheat Sheet.

Brainstorm your PESTLE factors with the help of this Cheat Sheet
Brainstorm your PESTLE factors with the help of this Cheat Sheet

See our PowerPoint PESTLE template with cheat sheet, and Apple Keynote PESTLE template with cheat sheet.

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Last Updated : August 25th, 2020