Step-by-step Roadmap Template Guide PowerPoint

This Roadmap Template Guide is easy to follow, with a 6-step process to create your own Roadmap using MS Powerpoint.

Features of the Roadmap Template Guide

  1. Easy-to-follow instructions, so that you can create your roadmap quickly.
  2. Step-by-step process, so that each roadmap element makes sense.
  3. Uses normal Powerpoint objects, to make it easy to edit.
  4. Six instruction slides, so that you can prepare for each step.
The steps in the Powerpoint Roadmap Template Guide
The steps in the Powerpoint Roadmap Template Guide
What is in a roadmap template?

Six clear elements to communicate your roadmap:
1. Swim lanes (or “workstreams”).
2. Timeline.
3. Projects, arranged in swim lanes.
4. RAG status, to show risk levels.
5. Milestones, to highlight key launches.
6. Key messages, added as comments.

Which is better, roadmap or gantt chart?

Roadmaps are better than gantt charts for communicating an overall project view for an executive audience. Gantt charts are better at showing a more granular view for a project managers and workers.

How do I use a roadmap template?

Simply follow this 6-step guide, and you can create your own roadmap in 30 minutes or less!

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