How do I create a Powerpoint Roadmap slide?

Step-by-step Powerpoint Roadmap Template Guide

I have a presentation to do, which requires a Roadmap Slide – how do I do it in Powerpoint?

How do I create a simple Powerpoint Roadmap slide?

1. Set out your Workstreams.
2. Set out your Timeline.
3. Establish the important activities in each workstream.
4. Communicate Risk levels.
5. Set Milestones.
6. Add any other important parts of the “Story”.

You really must keep the message simple and clear. Your audience and colleagues should be able to read and understand the whole roadmap diagram within 3-5 minutes.

  1. Name your workstreams.
    1. We advise 3-5 workstreams.
    2. These can be teams, expertise areas, or categories of work.
    3. Avoid business jargon and Acronyms
  2. Set out your Timeline!
    1. Not too long – be careful of over-promising in the long term.
    2. Think about your target audience for the roadmap, and manage expectations.
  3. Establish the important activities in each Workstream.
    1. These are your projects or features or initiatives.
    2. Do not list too much detail – just the important items you want remembered.
  4. Communicate Risk levels.
    1. Another great way to manage expectations.
    2. Be honest, and be clear.
    3. Admit when you do not have a mitigation.
  5. Set Milestones or Key Deliverables.
    1. Again, just the important messages you want to sink in.
    2. Five or six should be the maximum.
  6. Add any other important parts of the “Story”.
    1. Are there any points left as part of your story?
    2. Any aspects that you know about, and are Amazing / Worrying?
    3. Put them in!! Give your Roadmap some flavour.

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Last Updated : September 29th, 2020