How do I present my Project Rollout?

A rollout report Roadmap shows where you are in the larger picture, with risk summary and updates.

I have a large project which has detailed plans, but I need a simple way to present the Rollout progress to all my stakeholders.

How do I present my Project Rollout?

Your priority is to keep your presentation succinct. Make a 3 slide deck with:-
1. Workstream Progress: Use a 1-side / 1-slide roadmap diagram (NOT GANTT) to show how each stream of activity is progressing.
2. A RAID summary: Your Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies, on a 1-side / 1-slide diagram.
3. A SWOT summary: This is one way to give a balanced perspective of the Project Rollout status; the good, the bad and the unexpected, for both team dynamics and deliverables.

What’s the best format to show where we are in a project?

You can use a transition (or “change programme”) roadmap to show the entire project on a single page.

Are you short on time?

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Risk Log and Transition Management Template Deal (PPT & Excel)

This Risk Log and Transition Management Template Pack provides professional risk logs, and transition planning tools. Download at more than 70% discount.

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Gantt Chart Excel Template

Create a gantt chart in Microsoft Excel quickly with this Gantt Chart Excel Template. It includes 12 month, 18 month and 24 month formats, with 2-4 workstreams. The format is Google Sheets compatible.

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