How do I make a business case for a Hack Event?

Hackathons offer a unique process of intense collaboration, where multidiscipline teams attack a problem with rapid iteration and multidiscipline thinking.

I work in an old-fashioned organisation. They are very risk averse. How might I make the case for a Hack Event?

How do I make the business case for a Hack Event?

The best approach is to firstly outline the benefits, and then address common fears. There are Hack Events going on every day, all around the world, so point to some of those too.

Making the case for a Hack Event

  1. Set out the benefits – See our Hackathon Benefits Best Practise post here.
  2. Address common fears and concerns.
  3. Point to a clear plan, and best practise.
  4. Use a Hack Event Canvas template to communicate clearly.

Are you short on time?

Use these templates to help with business best practice:

Template Types

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