Resource Plan – define your project workstreams

The Resource Plan shows your project planning, alongside the discipline and numbers of each resource

The Resource Plan shows your project plans alongside the resources allocated, and the main deliverables

The Resource Plan is a crucial part of workstream planning. i.e. who is going to work in which area, and where do you need each discipline?

Features of The Resource Plan

  1. Timeline with Milestones
  2. Three Workstreams, plus a management resource area
  3. Resources allocated in each workstream
  4. Legend for Resources and for Activity Statuses
  5. Notes areas

See the Resource Plan Template (Visio).

See the Powerpoint Resource Plan Template.

Scenarios when you can use a Resource Plan

  1. When planning your workstreams
  2. When outlining a re-organisation of a unit or business group
  3. When proposing a new Team Structure
  4. When working through Scenario Planning with your existing teams

Resource Plan Templates

A stylish PowerPoint project report which allows you to show your progress against the plan and budget.

The New Project Plan Template is a Powerpoint template which will help you demonstrate and communicate your project plans AT…

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Last Updated : March 24th, 2016