Keep your Disaster Recovery Plan simple – use the “Five S” approach

DRP Robustness Dashboard Template, with dials

Disaster Recovery Plans can sprawl into huge documents, and the help available on the internet can be daunting & lengthy. What can you do to keep it simple?

We’ve created a focussed, structured approach to building your disaster recovery plan: “Five S”.

The “Five S” Disaster Recovery Plan.

This structured approach helps you create your business disaster mitigation planning around these five areas:-

  1. Systems
  2. Services
  3. Staff
  4. Suppliers
  5. Sites

For each of these five areas we focus on the Business Impacts, the mitigation plans, and the summarisation of important information for your reporting to your CEO and your Exec Board.

“Five S” Disaster Recovery Plan Tools to help you focus:

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Last Updated : June 22nd, 2018