Roadmap Project Template

Roadmap Project Template

We have been creating Roadmap Project Template designs since the early 2000s. Our customers include all the top consultancies, and professionals across over 190 countries.

Our History with Roadmap Project Templates

We first started creating Roadmap Project Templates in the early 2000s in the media industry. Our formats quickly became popular as a simple way to communicate strategy and project plans.

Why does the Roadmap format work well?

The Roadmap format is so effective because it enables your readers to see the whole story within minutes! You can see the timeframe, the key project elements, the risks, the milestones, and any important moments AT A GLANCE. A good roadmap can be read within 3 minutes.

Roadmap Project Template: in early 2000s

While the format remains the same – the timeline, workstreams and milestones – this roadmap format is considerably closer to 1990s design.

Portfolio Roadmap Template (Visio)
Portfolio Roadmap Template (Visio)

Then in 2010

As we left the 2000s, it became popular to include a dashboard and dials in your roadmap. This meant the presenter could report on project plans, and current status, within minutes. All in one screen!

The Powerpoint Roadmap + Dashboard communicates Product Status at a glance
This Powerpoint Roadmap includes a Dashboard to communicate project status at a glance.

Our formats in 2019

As we reach present day, the formats become more contemporary. This Hack Event Roadmap (for Hackathon planning) has more of an infographic style.

This Roadmap Template is used for Hackathon Event Rollout.

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Last Updated : May 2nd, 2020