Roadmap with Resource and Budget

Communicate your project plans with this Roadmap, featuring Budget and Resource allocation.

Download the Roadmap Template with Resources and Budget
This Roadmap with Resources and Budget is perfect for project communication

We’ve just added a new template: Roadmap Template with Resource and Budget

This template is extremely useful if you need to indicate budget or resource allocation.

You can find more roadmaps in our Roadmap Category, and some information on preparing your roadmap in our “creating your project roadmap” scenario.

This template includes

  1. 5 workstreams
  2. An area against each workstream to detail the resources and/or budget allocated to that workstream
  3. A “Summary” area where the resources and/or budget can be summarised
  4. A timeline with example milestones
  5. A legend for the timeline areas

Contact us if you have need of a different roadmap format.

Created : 2010-03-06 10:42:55
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