What’s new for Digital Transformation in 2022?

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Explore the elements that are important for Digital Transformation in 2022 – leadership, vision, information management, agile philosophy.

While the digital media side of “Digitalization” started in the 1960s and 70s (with NHK in Japan, and the BBC in the UK), digital transformation in businesses kicked off in the 1990s, with the replacement of document-led processes with data-led processes. Even so, the term “Digital Transformation” was not coined until 2011 by MIT & Capgemini.

The essence of Digital Transformation is about harnessing technology to make your business more effective, and quite often this is eclipsed by the noise created when people’s jobs are changed as a direct result. As such, with current economic dynamics, and with new tech emerging all the time, the important foundations and scaffolding to execute digital transformations are in constant flux.

Here’s what we think for 2022.

Digital Transformation in 2022

What is new in Digital Transformation in 2022?

1. Increased commoditization of marketing tech : Single customer view, 1st person data etc.
2. Increasing use of AI for curation and creative tasks (see Jarvis et al).
3. Increasing use of AI (artificial intelligence) for automation.
4. Decreased use of “Enterprise” software; people no longer trust the “big bang” expensive deployments.

What is important for Digital Transformation in 2022?

While digital transformation has always been a people-led process, there is now a huge emphasis on facilitating new value delivery by enabling staff and teams through innovative knowledge management processes.

What are the important technologies for Digital Transformation in 2022?

1. Knowledge Graphs.
2. Predictive analytics (Machine learning and AI).
3. Customer Data Platforms (for B2C and D2C businesses, and some B2B businesses).
4. Data Mesh & Data Fabric patterns.
5. Tools and SaaS to help create training corpora for AI systems.

General FAQs on Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the move from classic, siloed, person-centric business processes to connected, data-led, digital business processes.

What makes a successful Digital Transformation?

1. A simple, shared vision that answers “What does good look like?”
2. Rapid delivery of new value: Launch quick, launch early.
3. A commitment to ongoing innovation.
4. An agile delivery philosophy to enable continuous improvement.
5. A move from document-led to data-led.

What does Digital Transformation usually involve?

1. The shift from manual processes to machine-supported processes.
2. Transformation from document-led processes to data-led processes.
3. A move from information being stored in people’s heads and local documents into metadata enabled knowledge management systems.
4. Reorganization of org structures, departments, and teams to better support new processes.
5. Some elements of human stress, due to accelerated change on many levels.

How do you create excitement and staff loyalty during a Digital Transformation?

A. Focus on a simple, shared vision. Keep it visible, and make sure it facilitates rapid decisions.
B. Launch new capabilities early and frequently, to show there is movement and new value.
C. Hold regular innovation events focused on your challenges to engage everyone.
D. Use in-house teams to create new elements

Is Digital Transformation about replacing people with robots?

No! Digital Transformation is about making more of your talented teams by using data and technology to do the heavy lifting. It enables your experts to operate more enjoyably and efficiently, and to spend more time using their talent to make a difference!

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