How do I define PESTLE?

What is PESTEL?
How do you define PESTLE?

PESTEL is a framework for exploring important external factors surrounding a project or product. It is a checklist that helps you remember what to explore in your external business environment to inform your actions, and to maximise your chances of success.

What does PESTLE stand for?

It stands for these common factors that affect products and projects:

Why use PESTLE?

Use PESTLE to help you remember which factors to explore, whilst planning your project or product.

How do I use PESTLE?

Follow this simple PESTLE how-to guide here so that you can brainstorm and define PESTEL.
Brainstorm your PESTLE factors with the help of this Cheat Sheet
The Pestle Cheat Sheet can be seen here.

When should I use PESTLE?

It should be used during project and product planning, when plans and strategy are being set. It can be used to identify your RAID items (RAID = risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies) for risk management, and also to inform strategic plans.

What are the problems with PESTLE?

Most problems with PESTLE arise when you rely on it alone for your planning. You need to use other tools too! Common issues:-
1. It does not give you the full picture on its own.
2. Life changes, so it needs to be updated.
3. It can be over-simplified.
4. It requires a lot of research to identify all factors.
5. It can be quite time intensive.

Short on time?

Use these templates to help with business best practice:

Business Topics

  • PESTLE Analysis Templates.

    Find your PESTLE template here and save time and money. These PESTLE templates help you with your presentation so that you can be ready fast.

    PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. It creates a strategic analysis model so that you cover off all angles in your product planning.

    Created by professionals, these templates save you time and avoid common issues and mistakes, so that you can make your professional presentation quickly!

Digital Product Formats

  • Strategy Formats.

    Strategy template and guide formats from professionals across sectors.

    Use these formats for Strategy communication so that your organisations and teams understand exactly what the mission is. Use these templates to give a clear and impressive message.

  • Strategic Analysis Formats.

    Templates and Guides for strategic analysis. These products are created by professionals so that you can save time and money, and make an impact with your documentation.

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