How do I make a Road Map for the Project?

Simple steps, and examples of a road map for the project. Easy to understand. Easy to download examples.


  1. Start with a blank horizontal (landscape) page. A4 is fine. Use whatever drawing or presentation software you like.
  2. Plan to keep your Road Map simple: It must be read and understood within 5 minutes.
  3. Place your title and date at the top (and leave some space for the legend).
  4. Arrange a timeline across the top underneath the title.
  5. Arrange your workstreams as horizontal rectangles underneath the timeline. No more than six workstreams: group your project areas if necessary.
  6. In each workstream, draw the project activities as rectangles, starting and ending at the right place related to your timeline. Try and stay within 5 items per workstream: group your project activities if necessary.
  7. Add risk levels for each project activity, and explain the risk levels in the legend.

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More detail

Adding risk levels to your Road Map

Showing risk levels on your Road Map can really help communicate your plan and help the team prepare. This Powerpoint Road Map shows risk level in the legend, and in the project items in the plan.

Step-by-step Powerpoint Roadmap Template Guide

Step-by-step Powerpoint Road Map Template Guide

Showing Project Changes in your Project Road Map

Innovation Project Transfer Template (Powerpoint)

Innovation Project Transfer Template (Powerpoint) Road Map

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try one of these templates:

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