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Business Documents UK Team are a group of consultants that work on to bring you tried and tested document templates. We save you time and make you look good!

Disaster Recovery Planning in 2020 – be ready in the “new normal”

Disaster Recovery Planning in 2020 has gained a lot of attention. In the past DRP has frequently been overlooked. Now, many organisations are struggling to manage in a serious business disaster situation. Many DRP Templates are huge, daunting, and just not Agile! If you don’t have time to read a text book and become a

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Roadmap Project Template

We have been creating Roadmap Project Template designs since the early 2000s. Our customers include all the top consultancies, and professionals across over 190 countries. Our History with Roadmap Project Templates We first started creating Roadmap Project Templates in the early 2000s in the media industry. Our formats quickly became popular as a simple way

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How to plan an Industry Hackathon Event

We have been involved in planning Industry Hackathon Events since 2012. As a result we have a refined process with expert resources. “Hackathon” or “Hack Event”? These days, the term “Hackathon” brings to mind herds of spotty nerds consuming pizza and staying awake for 3 days. It hails from the days when the event was

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How do I fix Visio timeline problems?

Visio Timelines are often causing issues. The compatibility issues between Visio versions seem particularly acute with timeline feature, and we have been asked for support frequently in this area. Frequent customer question:- How do I fix Visio timeline problems? My timelines are breaking whenever I change the dates or time intervals. Asked on March 12th

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Can your business survive? Top Ten Tips: Ensure your Business Survives Natural Disasters

In the USA disasters force up to 40% of small businesses to cease trading. Can your business survive?… Get the top ten essential preparedness tips here. As the UK braces for it’s worst storm in years, it’s easy to forget that it was only a year ago that hurricane Sandy revenged the eastern seaboard of

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Business Documents UK – is open

It is our pleasure, on this rainy November day, to open the all new Business Documents UK website to the public. There are still a few things to be addressed, but we have some wonderful document templates available, and of course PayPal is up and running and completely secure. We think we are 80% of

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Document templates by professionals

For a while now, I’ve been discussing this project with friends.We’re all in different businesses – Media, Procurement, Insurance, Web Projects, government etc – but we all had the same experience with document templates. Every niche of business has changing needs, and working people develop custom document templates to save them time. There are a

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