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Roadmap with Resource and Budget

Download the Roadmap Template with Resources and Budget
This Roadmap with Resources and Budget is perfect for project communication

We’ve just added a new template: Roadmap Template with Resource and Budget

This template is extremely useful if you need to indicate budget or resource allocation.

You can find more roadmaps in our Roadmap Category, and some information on preparing your roadmap in our “creating your project roadmap” scenario.

This template includes

  1. 5 workstreams
  2. An area against each workstream to detail the resources and/or budget allocated to that workstream
  3. A “Summary” area where the resources and/or budget can be summarised
  4. A timeline with example milestones
  5. A legend for the timeline areas

Contact us if you have need of a different roadmap format.

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Product Roadmap

The Product Roadmap is the most efficient, at-a-glance means of communicating product plans and product status. Use one of our templates to save you time.

Product Roadmap shows Timeline, Workstreams and Dashboard
This Product Roadmap shows Timeline, Workstreams and Dashboard

This Product Roadmap features:

  1. Timeline
  2. Workstreams
  3. Product Activities
  4. Dashboard – shows status of Delivery, Budget, Resources, Marcoms

Other Product Roadmap documents

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Powerpoint Roadmaps

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Document templates by professionals

For a while now, I’ve been discussing this project with friends.
We’re all in different businesses – Media, Procurement, Insurance, Web Projects, government etc – but we all had the same experience with document templates.

Every niche of business has changing needs, and working people develop custom document templates to save them time.

There are a lot of websites providing standard boilerplate HR and Legal templates, but what about more specialist areas?

Usually you need to pay for consultants, or struggle along as best you can

In most cases when a business requires a niche service, they need to shell out large fees for consultants, or struggle through as best they can using research, blood, sweat and tears.

Niche business templates, by professionals

This website will be providing a growing set of niche business templates, and selection of business categories which have been developed by professionals who are experts in the areas in question.

What Business Best Practice is appropriate?

We have organised our document templates by Category, and also into business-focussed Business Best Practices to help you find the best selection of templates to suit your needs.