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Updating STEEPLED Analysis for 2024

STEEPLED offers a structured approach to assess the myriad external factors influencing an organisation’s trajectory. We have a long history of providing Cheat Sheets for many business processes, and today, we’re excited to introduce a powerful resource to aid in mastering the intricacies of STEEPLED analysis: the updated STEEPLED Analysis Cheat Sheet and Workshop PowerPoint from This invaluable tool equips businesses and professionals with the means to conduct thorough analyses, identify emerging trends, and anticipate potential disruptions.

STEEPLED as a Robust Framework

At the forefront of strategic planning, STEEPLED analysis is a robust framework designed to systematically evaluate the Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal, Ethical, and Demographic factors impacting a business or industry. It provides a comprehensive lens through which to examine the broader context in which an organization operates, enabling informed decision-making and proactive strategy development.

What’s so great about STEEPLED?

So, what sets STEEPLED analysis apart, and why should businesses integrate it into their strategic toolkit?

1. Holistic Understanding: Unlike traditional analyses that may focus solely on market trends or internal capabilities, STEEPLED analysis takes a holistic view of the external environment. By considering a broad spectrum of factors, organizations gain a more nuanced understanding of the forces shaping their industry and market dynamics.

2. Anticipating Change: In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, change is the only constant. STEEPLED analysis empowers organizations to anticipate and adapt to emerging trends, technological advancements, regulatory shifts, and societal changes before they disrupt business operations.

3. Risk Mitigation: By identifying potential threats and opportunities across various dimensions, STEEPLED analysis enables proactive risk mitigation strategies. Whether it’s navigating regulatory challenges or capitalising on shifting consumer preferences, businesses can position themselves more effectively in the face of uncertainty.

4. Strategic Decision-Making: Armed with insights from STEEPLED analysis, decision-makers can make more informed strategic choices. Whether entering new markets, launching products, or allocating resources, understanding the external landscape enhances the likelihood of success and minimises the risk of unforeseen obstacles.

5. Enhanced Innovation: A deep understanding of external factors can inspire innovation and creativity within organisations. By recognizing emerging technological trends, societal preferences, and regulatory shifts, businesses can identify new opportunities for product development, service offerings, and business models.

6. Stakeholder Engagement: STEEPLED analysis facilitates meaningful engagement with stakeholders by addressing a wide range of concerns and interests. Whether it’s addressing environmental sustainability, societal impact, or ethical considerations, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices.

STEEPLED Analysis Cheat Sheet PPT – Updated for 2024

STEEPLED analysis is not just a tool; it’s a strategic imperative for navigating today’s complex and interconnected business environment. By embracing this framework and leveraging resources like the STEEPLED Analysis Cheat Sheet and Workshop PowerPoint, organisations can unlock invaluable insights, seize opportunities, and chart a course for sustainable growth and success.

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Define your Product Rollout Plan

The Rollout Plan Template - Powerpoint Presentation
The Rollout plan Powerpoint Presentation

Planning your Product Rollout is crucial. You need to design the workstreams, and put project controls in place to be sure your rollout stays on track.

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You can see our ready-made, tried-and-tested Rollout Plan Template here.

How to Plan your Product Rollout

Define “Success” – Your Rollout Objectives & KPIs

  1. What does success look like? – you must document this with measurable success criteria.
  2. Once you have this, you can identify some points in the rollout when you expect to be able to measure the “Performance” of the rollout.
  3. You can record these as Milestones, and as KPIs to focus the team on.

Understand your Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies

  1. In order to ensure the best possible rollout, you to understand what might affect your success negatively, and manage each of these factors.
  2. In project management terms, this is your RAID log, and includes documenting and managing your:
    1. Risks
    2. Assumptions
    3. Issues
    4. Dependencies
    5. View RAID templates here
  3. Track, mitigate and manage your RAID items through the Rollout process

Define your Phases & Timeline

  1. With the above points in mind, set your timeline for the Rollout.
  2. Base the timeline on a realistic and achievable timescale, and with your RAID items in mind.
  3. If it makes sense to the whole project, split your timeline into Phases, and name them

Define your Milestones

  1. Along with your KPI points, set milestones so that you can monitor project progress
  2. Be sure to get regular Status Updates, and ensure the wider team and stakeholders get Status Reports

Set out your Workstreams & Project Activities

  1. In Agile projects, and in larger Programmes, your team and activities should be arranged in Workstreams
  2. Each Workstream should represent a team, or a particular area of delivery; e.g. “HR”, “DEV”, “CATERING”, “FINANCE”
  3. Plan the project activities, and the KPIs out into these workstreams, along the timeline
  4. Ensure the Workstream participants have contributed, and helped form each workstream plan

Communicate your Rollout Plan!

  1. Agree the Timeline, Workstream, KPI and Activity plans with your team
  2. Create a Rollout Plan Presentation, with your team
  3. Present to all teams and stakeholders
  4. Give your team and Stakeholders Status Reports frequently throughout the Rollout

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Business Documents UK Rollout Templates

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Powerpoint Product Roadmap

The Powerpoint Product Roadmap – ideal for presenting your Product plans to executive audiences. This design features “London Underground” -style graphics to represent project activity bars.

We’ve just added a Powerpoint Version here, an almost direct port from our Visio version.

This Powerpoint Product Roadmap format clearly shows

  1. Timeline
  2. Legend for Risk status
  3. Workstreams x 3
  4. Activity bars
  5. Project Status Dashboard
  6. Red / Amber / Green RISK status for key Product elements

Other Powerpoint Roadmaps

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Powerpoint Roadmap + Dashboard

This Powerpoint Roadmap Template has 2 great Project Dashboard formats - Highlights & KPIs

This excellent Project communications tool  – the Powerpoint Roadmap + Dashboard template – shows a clear workstream project plan, and also shows current status in a handy “Dashboard” format.

Features of the Powerpoint Roadmap

  1. Timeline
  2. Milestones
  3. Workstreams
  4. Risk level Legend
  5. Dashboard (for status reporting)
  6. “On Radar”
  7. Communicates project status QUICKLY
  8. Great for Executive Communications

>> Download the Powerpoint Roadmap + Dashboard Template here

Other Powerpoint Roadmaps

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Delivery Roadmap

The Delivery Roadmap
View the amazing Delivery Roadmap

The delivery roadmap template has 4 workstreams, a clear legend, and bold activity bars.

Features of the Delivery Roadmap

  1. Legend – Low, Med and High Risk
  2. Timeline (configurable)
  3. Summary phases and milestones
  4. Four workstreams
  5. Clear activity bars
  6. Annotations

Download the Delivery Roadmap Template.

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Roadmap with PEST

Visio Roadmap PEST Template - Strategic KPIs & Benefits

This Roadmap Template features a PEST factors area, where important Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors can be listed on the timeline.

Roadmap with PEST factors area
This Roadmap with PEST factors area. Click to enlarge.

This helps strategic planning by encouraging you to uncover the environmental factors will affect your projects and business.

Features of the ROADMAP with PEST:-

  1. Timeline
  2. KPI
  3. Projects
  4. PEST

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Our PEST Templates

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Roadmap Templates

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