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How do I fix Visio timeline problems?

Problems with Visio Timelines corrupting

Visio Timelines are often causing issues. The compatibility issues between Visio versions seem particularly acute with timeline feature, and we have been asked for support frequently in this area.

Frequent customer question:-

How do I fix Visio timeline problems?

My timelines are breaking whenever I change the dates or time intervals.

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The Solution:-

We have seen this problem a lot lately, especially with older files from Visio 2002 and 2003.

  1. Save your Visio document to a new file.
  2. If you have milestones you want to keep, drag them off the faulty timeline.
  3. Delete the faulty timeline, and save document.
  4. Create a blank Visio file, and use the shape “Search” to find the right timeline format.
  5. Setup the timeline in your blank file.
  6. When ready, copy it to your main document, and drag milestones onto it.
  7. Done.
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Visio Roadmap Templates – Shape Fixing and Timeline Repairs

Fixing Visio Roadmap Template Timeline Issues

We have been busy with Spring Cleaning! The Visio Roadmap Templates needed a good dusting off.

My timeline keeps breaking… please HELP ME!

Some of our customers using Visio 2010+ were seeing compatibility issues. Well, we have fixed them!

What breaks in Visio Roadmap Templates?

These are some of the symptoms that customers have reported

  1. The text within shapes is not editable.
  2. The timeline breaks when the dates are changed.
  3. The timeline format goes STRANGE when the dates are changed.
  4. The timeline COMPLETELY BREAKS when the intervals are changed.

(And we have fixed them!)

Why? What caused these issues?

  1. People ask Microsoft for new features.
  2. New features get introduced.
  3. The new features break existing implementations.

Some of our Visio formats have been popular for 10 years. So it is not surprising they need updating!

Visio Templates that have been fixed and upgraded.


Contact us.

Contact us if you have any troubles with our Visio Roadmaps.


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Simple Roadmap Templates to help with your Presentation

Our Simple Roadmap Templates use successful Roadmap design formats that are popular the world around. Download these Simple Roadmap Templates now.

We’ve been developing a variety of Roadmap Templates for a few years now, and we would like to offer these ones for a reduced price!

Simple Roadmap TemplatesSimple Roadmap Templates
The Simple Roadmap Templates communicate your product or project plans simply on 1 side of paper

Features of our Simple Roadmap Templates.

  1. A4 Page size (premium are A3)
  2. Title area
  3. “Version” area
  4. Roadmap Legend
  5. Four Roadmap Workstreams
  6. Activity bars in each workstream
  7. Configurable Timeline
  8. Milestones

Our Simple Roadmap Templates are A4 Roadmap formats. For our larger and more elaborate roadmap templates, see the Roadmap Template Samples and Examples.

See all of our Roadmap Templates.

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Roadmap with PEST

Visio Roadmap PEST Template - Strategic KPIs & Benefits

This Roadmap Template features a PEST factors area, where important Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors can be listed on the timeline.

Roadmap with PEST factors area
This Roadmap with PEST factors area. Click to enlarge.

This helps strategic planning by encouraging you to uncover the environmental factors will affect your projects and business.

Features of the ROADMAP with PEST:-

  1. Timeline
  2. KPI
  3. Projects
  4. PEST

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Our PEST Templates

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Roadmap Templates

[downloads tags=”11″ buy_button=”no” price=”no” number=”12″ order=”ID, ASC” columns=”2″ pagination=false]

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Roadmap Visio

Our Visio Roadmap Template experts have assembled a range of Visio Roadmap Templates

These Roadmap Visio templates:-

  1. Communicate the project plans, at-a-glance
  2. Give a clear indication of workstreams and team activities
  3. Show milestones, and key delivery points

Our Roadmap Visio Document Formats

[downloads tags=”383″ number=”12″ columns=”2″ buy_button=”no” price=”no”]

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Visio Roadmap

The Visio Strategy Roadmap Template is the perfect Strategic Communication plan - Business Change, KPI, Initiatives, Timeline
Download this Visio Roadmap Template
Simple, 5 workstream Visio roadmap template

Why Visio Roadmaps are the best way to communicate plans – clear, concise, and workstream-based… Leave your Gantt at home!

Here it is – the Visio Roadmap Template.

Due to the popularity of our roadmap templates, we’ve also added a scenario: “Creating your project roadmap

Roadmaps are fast becoming the preferred way for project, programme and portfolio managers to communicate project plans.

Why are Visio Roadmaps the best way to communicate plans?

This is because Visio Roadmaps provide:

  1. At-a-glance understanding of plans
  2. A sense of capacity
  3. A clear indication of allocation of project capacity
  4. A sense of priority
  5. A clear deliniation of workstreams
  6. Clear indication of dates and milestones

This is because Visio Roadmaps are a “1-pager”

  1. You have the plan, on 1 page, without complicated Gantt formatting
  2. Your stakeholders can hand them around
  3. Your stakeholders can talk around them, easily

Some Visio Roadmap Templates