Powerpoint Dashboard

This excellent value Powerpoint Dashboard includes Status, RAG, KPI, RAID, SWOT, and Highlights. Use this for any dashboard presentation.

The Powerpoint Project Dashboard shows Status using RAG, KPI, RAID and Highlights

The ultimate project status dashboard – KPI, SWOT, RAG, RAID and Highlights

The Powerpoint Dashboard Includes:

  1. Overall RAG
  2. KPI
  3. Workstream RAG
  4. RAID
  5. SWOT
  6. Highlights.

Use this template pack to communicate your Project or Product status to stakeholders of all levels.

More Dashboard Formats

A dashboard report powerpoint perfect for updating key stakeholders on projects against delivery, including overall summary, RAG, Risk, SWOT, Dials,…

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Last Updated : August 29th, 2016