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Agile Resource Planning – build your workstreams!

Powerpoint Resource Plan Template for Agile Projects

These Agile Resource Planning formats will help you plan and communicate resource plans. Ideal for Product Development & Business Transformation.

The Powerpoint Resource Plan shows resource types, workstreams, milestones and named individuals
The Powerpoint Resource Plan shows resource types, workstreams, timeline, milestones and named individuals within each workstream.

Resource Planning document formats enable you to form and communicate your resource plans. Particularly with agile workstreams, you will want to assign a workstream team, and support them in working to the product backlog.

Agile Resource Planning

  1. Shows capacity
  2. Shows team members
  3. Shows workstream focus
  4. Shows allocation
  5. Shows key delivery milestones
  6. Shows risk status

This screenshot shows the Powerpoint Resource Plan Template.

Agile Resource Planning formats

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Resource Plan – define your project workstreams

Product Resource & Delivery Plan (Visio) showing teams, resources, themes and Timeline

The Resource Plan is a crucial part of workstream planning. i.e. who is going to work in which area, and where do you need each discipline?

Features of The Resource Plan

  1. Timeline with Milestones
  2. Three Workstreams, plus a management resource area
  3. Resources allocated in each workstream
  4. Legend for Resources and for Activity Statuses
  5. Notes areas

See the Resource Plan Template (Visio).

See the Powerpoint Resource Plan Template.

Scenarios when you can use a Resource Plan

  1. When planning your workstreams
  2. When outlining a re-organisation of a unit or business group
  3. When proposing a new Team Structure
  4. When working through Scenario Planning with your existing teams

Resource Plan Templates


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Roadmap with Resource and Budget

Download the Roadmap Template with Resources and Budget
This Roadmap with Resources and Budget is perfect for project communication

We’ve just added a new template: Roadmap Template with Resource and Budget

This template is extremely useful if you need to indicate budget or resource allocation.

You can find more roadmaps in our Roadmap Category, and some information on preparing your roadmap in our “creating your project roadmap” scenario.

This template includes

  1. 5 workstreams
  2. An area against each workstream to detail the resources and/or budget allocated to that workstream
  3. A “Summary” area where the resources and/or budget can be summarised
  4. A timeline with example milestones
  5. A legend for the timeline areas

Contact us if you have need of a different roadmap format.

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Product Roadmap

The Product Roadmap is the most efficient, at-a-glance means of communicating product plans and product status. Use one of our templates to save you time.

Product Roadmap shows Timeline, Workstreams and Dashboard
This Product Roadmap shows Timeline, Workstreams and Dashboard

This Product Roadmap features:

  1. Timeline
  2. Workstreams
  3. Product Activities
  4. Dashboard – shows status of Delivery, Budget, Resources, Marcoms

Other Product Roadmap documents

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Powerpoint Roadmaps

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