How do I create a Powerpoint Product Roadmap quickly?

Here's a step by step guide to create one quickly - 5 minutes for a 1 side Roadmap.


  1. Decide the timeframe, and set a timeline along the top of the page.
  2. Establish 2-6 “Workstreams” as horizontal rectangles under the timeline.
  3. Set out the “work units” as small boxes with labels in each workstream, up to 6 per workstream.
  4. Decide a few key deliverables  and set them as milestones above the timeline.

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More detail

The Powerpoint Roadmap is an essential tool in every Project Manager and Product Manager’s toolbox.

Massive Gantt Charts become unweildy. WBS diagrams too complex.

So – the Roadmap format can communicate your plans, key milestones and status “at a glance”.

Example Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

Free Powerpoint Product Roadmap Template

The Process

With all of these steps, bear in mind that you must keep the document un-cluttered; the idea is that your stakeholders can take in the overall message in 2-3 minutes. Keep it simple!

  1. List your “Workstreams” – what are the project teams, or streams of activity, that make up your Project/Product?
  2. Decide the timeframe – what is the length of time most useful for your comms, and most useful to get your message across?
  3. Set out the “work units” in each workstream – what are the large project units, of at least 1 month, that make up your workstreams?
  4. Decide the key deliverables & milestones – what are the most important deliverables or “project moments” that you need to focus people on?
  5. Include any key messages, using infographics or colour coding – what are the status, positive, or indeed warning messages you want to communicate?
  6. Select a template – which of the templates below will save you time in creating a stunning Powerpoint Roadmap format?

If you are going to be creating a lot of Powerpoint Roadmap formats, consider our Powerpoint Roadmap Template Discount Bundle (will save you over 50%).

Short on time?

try one of these templates:

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